Available Flavors

All suggested toppings are appropriate for not only the Edible Asians Spoons but also for the Petal Tartlets.


Chocolate spoon with torched smores

Cilantro, Cumin & Lime

Cilantro Cumin Lime spoon with mozzarella, mortadella and tomato

Coconut Curry

Coconut Curry spoon with pan-seared cod,
red cabbage slaw and mai ploy


Cinnamon, Cardamom & Five-Spice spoon with pulled pork, cole slaw and pickled carrots

Corn and Lime

Corn Lime spoon with grilled salmon, 
aioli and red pepper garnish

Corn, Dill & Lemon

Corn Dill Lemon spoon with tomato,
mozzarella and fried basil


Cranberry spoon with cranberry apple crisp and lime rind dome


Gingerbread spoon with chocolate birthday cake

Italian Herbs

Italian Herbs spoon with molecular tomatoes, goat cheese, balsamic reduction and micro greens

Parmesan Basil

Parmesan Basil spoon with fried quail egg
and bacon

Parmesan Black Pepper

Parmesan Black Pepper spoon with parmesan garlic mashed potatoes, braised beef rib and rosemary, shallot, red wine demi-glace


Plain Spoon with lemon-orange mascarpone
mousse and berries

Poppy Seed

Poppy Seed spoon with balsamic macerated strawberries and feta cheese

Sea Salt

Sea Salt spoon with vegetable ratatouille
and lemon zest

Wasabi Sesame

Wasabi Sesame spoon with bacon, lettuce and tomato